What is RSP?

RSP stands for 'Registry Service Provider' and is a service for extension holders who do not want or are not able to set up the technical systems themselves to manage and possibly sell their extension, including the requirements of ICANN. Yocto Onoma RSP offers these extension holders a simple solution by taking over the setup of DNS, RRP, and EPP servers, allowing them to save more time and money for activities such as branding the extension.

Who is eligible for the RSP service?

Every Registry Operator is eligible. A Registry Operator is a person or organization that manages the registry of the extension, including administration, customer database, marketing, DNS, DNSSEC, etc., and possibly outsources some or all services, for example to an RSP. If you do not need a registry, then a simple DNS zone (for example via Yocto Onoma DNS) will suffice. A person or organization that has been assigned one or more TLDs (top level) by ICANN is considered a Registry Operator by ICANN. This is not necessarily the case for second or third-level extensions. In such cases, the marketability of the extension needs to be considered. For example, "" is fairly marketable to Dutch commercial companies, but this is not the case with "" since it contains a company name and is therefore not intended for general use. Use of a simple DNS zone is recommended in such cases.