Domains are an important part of the internet. To translate domains to IP addresses, the Domain Name System (DNS) has been invented. But DNS can do more than just that. It is also used to identify mail servers, verify domain ownership or to provide other useful information for environments where domains are used.

Yocto Onoma provides DNS servers for everyone that needs to host one or more DNS zones. Users are able to create zones, verify the zone by proving the ownership of the domain and then add all the records you need, like A, NS, MX and TXT. This is possible for all 4 known DNS classes with every allowed TTL value.


Before we propagate a zone to the DNS servers, the zone should be verified. In order for us to know that you own a domain name, there should be some identifier at the place where you registered the domain. Most DNS services use the NS servers for this, and Yocto DNS is no difference. In the meantime, we are also focussing on writing an industry standard for a better verification method, because using NS servers for this has some drawbacks.